Book Feature: 2D Surgical Hospital by Lorna Griess



Title: 2D Surgical Hospital

Author: Lorna Griess

Publisher: XLibrisUS

Genre: Military Biography

Format: Ebook

This book is about living and working in a mobile army surgical hospital (MASH) in South Vietnam. It talks about the hospital itself, the setting, how we lived, how we coped with less-than-good circumstances, the type of patients we received, the equipment we worked with, and the emotional highs and lows that were part of every day. The stories are true. Some of the dates and numbers of things may be off a little; that was a long time ago. Names have not been used to protect the wonderful, dedicated people with whom I worked and lived with.
Lorna Griess made the Army Nurse Corps her career after her tour in Vietnam. She served in hospitals worldwide for almost thirty years. She retired as a full colonel and chief nurse at Letterman Army Medical Center on the Presidio in San Francisco (now closed). Fully retired from nursing, she joined the Military Officers Association of America, California Council of Chapters, and became their legislative liaison. She serves as a veterans’ advocate in the California State Legislature. She is a member of several other veterans’ organizations including Vietnam Veterans, AMVETS, and VFW. She writes articles, reporting on current legislation for local newsletters. For relaxation, she has become an artist. Her oil paintings have been on display at several galleries around Sacramento, including the Crocker Art Gallery.



Book Feature: Yesterday is Never Gone by Ilona Salley




Title: Yesterday is Never Gone

Author: Ilona Sally

Publisher: iUniverse

Genre: Thriller/Crime

Format: Ebook

Niki is no stranger to horrific personal challenges. As a child, she bravely endured abandonment by her father. While in her teens, she witnessed her mother’s murder and the abduction and presumed death of her only sibling. Although her secrets have always been carefully cloaked from others, they have shaped her personality more than she would like to admit. But with a past as terrible as hers, how can Niki ever hope for a bright future? Years later, Niki is a dedicated profiler in a criminal investigation agency with no idea her life is about to change exponentially. One day, through a quirky twist of fate, she receives startling news that her sister, Inge, is alive. As a driving force compels Niki to search for her, she embarks on a quest that takes her through cities and wilderness on two continents. She encounters difficult decisions, threatening mobsters, near-death experiences, and romance, yet nothing deters her from reaching her goal—not even a gruesome discovery about her father. But Niki is about to discover that things are never what they seem to be. In this thrilling tale, deception and inner turmoil hamper a young woman’s journey toward a new reality as she attempts to reconcile her past and find the truth.
Ilona Salley emigrated from Germany to Toronto, Canada, with her family when she was three. Throughout her life, her interests have included squash, skiing, wood carving, literature, art, and languages. Her fascination with architecture and archaeology has led her to travel in search of ancient places and artifacts. After a long career as an educator, she expanded her horizons by teaching in England and China. Now, she spends part of each year in Fort Myers, Florida.

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Book Feature: Lydie of Peruwelz by Richard Burack, SR., MD



Title: Lydie of Peruwelz

Author: Richard Burack, Sr., MD

Publisher: iUniverse

Genre: Historical Fiction

Format: Ebook

In 1839, Lydie Fougnies, 20 years old, is attractive, refined, and educated. Her father is a well-to-do businessman. She meets Felippe Van Hendryk, single child of wealthy aristocrats. They fall in love and a two-year chaste affair leads to talk of marriage. However, his class-conscious, bigoted mother severs their relationship because Lydie is not from high society. Unhappy Felippe is sent to university in Switzerland where he marries, and divorces, the wanton daughter of a wealthy Swiss banker. Lydie is angry and resentful. She is a victim of emotion and, bent on revenge, she cannot think rationally. Believing she can wreak revenge on Mme Van Hendryk by proving her worth only if she belongs to the aristocracy, she directs her attention to Count Hippolyte de Bocarmé, a farmer who lives in a dreary, desolate 16th century chateau. Unschooled and crude, his size and strength seduce her. Certain that the rustic, prodigal son of a fine family can easily be led to the altar, she mentors him in reading, writing, and manners. Never does she suspect that he’s a conscienceless psychopathic felon. He conceals his craving to know her sexually, and plans to steal her family’s fortune.
Richard Burack has a BA from the University of Wisconsin and an MD from Wake Forest University School of Medicine. He served as a Medical Officer in the U.S. Coast Guard in the Pacific Theater during the Korean War. In 1960 he was appointed to the pharmacology faculty at Harvard Medical School, and later practiced internal medicine before embarking on a career as a medical director for two U.S. non-pharmaceutical corporations. In retirement, he was a part-time physician at a charity hospital in St. Lucia and has devoted himself to writing. In 1967, Dr. Burack published The Handbook of Prescription Drugs, alerting doctors and the public to the availability of less costly generic medications. Fifty years later, the public buys the majority of its prescription drugs as “generics.” He and his wife, Mary, reside in New Hampshire. They have five children and ten grandchildren.


Book Feature: The Silver Horn Echoes by Michael Eging and Steve Arnold

Title: The Silver Horn Echoes: A Song of Roland
Author: Michael Eging and Steve Arnold
Publisher: iUniverse
Genre: Historical Fiction/Fantasy
Format: Ebook
The Dark Ages—a time of great turmoil and the collision of empires! 

As the Frank kingdom prepares for war, Roland, young heir to the Breton March, has been relegated to guard duty until a foreign emissary entrusts him with vital word of a new threat to the kingdom. Now Roland must embark on a risky journey to save all he loves from swift destruction. 

And yet while facing down merciless enemies, he must also reveal the hand of a murderer who even now stalks the halls of power and threatens to pull apart a kingdom reborn under the greatest of medieval kings, the remarkable Charlemagne. 

For Roland to become the champion his kingdom needs, he must survive war, intrigue and betrayal. The Silver Horn Echoes pays homage to “La Chanson de Roland” by revisiting an age of intrigue and honor, and a fateful decision in the shadows of a lonely mountain pass—Roncevaux!

Michael Eging is co-author of Annwyn’s Blood, as well as a screenwriter and partner at Filibuster Filmworks. He and his wife have five children and live in Virginia. Steve Arnold lives in Ohio with his wife and kids. Besides co-authoring Annwyn’s Blood, he has corroborated on everything from short stories to screenplays for Filibuster Filmworks.

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Chasing Dopamine: Natural Highs by Dr. Patrick Mbaya, author of My Brain is Out of Control


Publication Date: September 2016

Publisher: AuthorHouse

Formats: Ebook

Pages: 76

Genre: Biography/Autobiography

Tour Dates: October 23-December 15

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Although Dr. Patrick Mbaya’s illness caused a lot distress and nearly took his life, the emotional symptoms of the depression he developed helped him understand and empathize with patients and how they feel when they become ill. In My Brain is Out of Control, Mbaya, fifty-five and at the peak of his career, shares a personal story of how he suffered from a brain infection in 2010 that caused loss of speech, right-sided weakness, and subsequent depression. He tells how he also dealt with the antibiotics complications of low white cell count and hepatitis. He narrates his experiences as a patient, the neurological and psychiatric complications he encountered, how he coped, and his journey to recovery. Presenting a personal perspective of Mbaya’s illness from the other side of the bed, My Brain is Out of Control, offers profound insight into battling a serious illness.


 Following my mystery illness, I developed strategies in order to get my body and brain strength back. I used natural ways to induce (chase) dopamine in the reward centre. Press-ups is one way to keep fit, and at the same time, chase dopamine. This can be done at home in secret, especially at the beginning, like when I first started doing press-ups, after doing one, I couldn’t lift my body off the floor! After two years of practice, I was able to do 60 in 60 seconds! Not bad. As they say, “practice makes perfect.”
Whatever exercise one designs, that’s fine. You will know it’s working when you sweat, muscles start to ache and maybe in time muscles start to show? For those people who are courageous enough to go the gym or jog, that’s even better. I have continued with my exercise regime at home. Although before you start it might be a struggle, when you are in the flow, you actually feel good, solutions to complex problems are found, especially when done first thing in the morning?
Another way of chasing dopamine, is listening to good music. I used this strategy when I was recovering. I tried to lift my mood by visiting the “Mandela Garden” while listening to good music. The sort of music which can make dopamine flow even in “aliens” brains.
In addition to “chasing dopamine,” exercise will also improve blood flow to different parts of the body, which may have been injured. As outlined in, “My Brain is Out of Control,” I was advised by my orthopaedic doctor, following my knee injury while doing my “moon walk”, at a club in Washington, that I will need a knee replacement, but I have not had any problems, I think I have completely recovered? That’s this form physiotherapy, has been beneficial to me.
There are user friendly ways of chasing dopamine, where one does not get in any form of bother or arguments with any one. Thus, although you might not chase as much dopamine, compared to naughty or illegal ways, this can be done at any time, and anywhere?
The brain is involved in processing reward. The brain connection called the, “mesolimbic” dopamine pathway, is involved in reward, and pleasure. This is described as the “pleasure centre.” The chemical dopamine is the pleasure chemical that transmits this information for both natural highs (chasing dopamine), and drugs of addiction (naughty ways of chasing dopamine), like stimulants (cocaine and amphetamines), which are powerful inducers of dopamine.
In natural highs (chasing dopamine), natural occurring chemicals from different parts of the brain carry messages to influence the mesolimbic pathway for reinforcement, and reward. Some behaviours as described above, including exercise, sex (orgasm), food, and listening to good music, can trigger the mesolimbic pathway.
The brain makes its own chemicals like endorphins (brain morphine like substance), endocannabinoids (brain cannabis like substance) etc, can act on the reward system, triggering dopamine, causing pleasure in the reward system.
Drugs of addiction, including alcohol, cannabis, opiates, amphetamines, cocaine, bypass natural occurring chemicals (neurotransmitters), and directly stimulate brain receptors, causing dopamine release. Artificial highs may be achieved on demand rather than naturally. Using more of a particular drug, will release more dopamine, inducing my more pleasure, than naturally chasing dopamine. Drugs of addiction release much more pleasure than natural highs, although at an expense of likelihood addiction. However, with time, the drug stops working, or when the individual decides to stop using the drug, dopamine receptors crave for dopamine. The individual becomes pre-occupied with the drug, and will try to avoid the horrible withdrawal symptoms by using the drug, and not for enjoyment. Thus, addiction has occurred.
Some of the current drugs used to treat addiction, work by interacting with this system. Drugs which work by reducing consumption, promote abstinence or reduce craving of a particular psychoactive drug (like Acamprosate, and the opiate blocker Nalmefene for alcohol, or topiramate for cocaine).
 Dr Patrick Mbaya MD FRCPsych.
Essential Psychopharmacology, Neuroscientific Basis, and Practical Applications. Stephen M. Stahl. Second Edition, Cambridge University Press, 2000.
Essential Psychopharmacology, Neuroscientific Basis, and Practical Applications. Stephen M. Stahl. Fourth Edition, Cambridge University Press, 2013.
Lowinson and Ruiz’s Substance Abuse: A Comprehensive Textbook, Fifth Edition (Williams & Wilkens, 2011).
My Brain Is Out of Control. Patrick Mbaya. Author House. September 2016.
Dr. Patrick Mbaya is a medical doctor specializing in psychiatry. He is a consultant psychiatrist and honorary clinical lecturer in psychiatry at the University of Manchester, United Kingdom. He has a special interest in mood and addiction disorders.


Book Feature: Constitutional Renaissance by Richard Monts




Title: Constitutional Renaissance

Author: Richard Monts

Publisher: XLibrisUS

Genre: Political Science/Government

Format: Ebook

Have you had enough? When will the United States government stop growing? All constitutionally enumerated activities should have been in place long ago. There should be no more expansion in scope, yet there is. What we have now is an overbearing out-of-control central government—expanding far beyond constitutional limits—imposing on member states’ sovereignty. The result is a reduction in competition among states, a stifling business environment, and citizens and businesses suffering under complex taxation and regulations. On top of that, a litigious environment depresses economic activity further. There is an alternative! This book presents one that is very business friendly, establishes competition among the states, and provides a positive environment for the individual to strive for their potential while honoring the genius of the Constitution.
Mr. Monts has been concerned about continued expansion of the United States government since the Kennedy administration. He deferred to others, constitutional and legal experts galore, for the correct interpretation of the Constitution. He assumed they were right. During the Affordable Care Act discussions, he had heard enough. He determined to answer two questions to his own satisfaction. First, what is the role of the United States government? Second, what is the best environment for the individual to realize their own potential? After reading the Constitution and other contemporary writings, using his own common sense, putting intellectual integrity and honesty before ideology, ignoring case law, using correct meanings of critical words, he had his answers. The results are in this book.


Book Feature: Everything You Need to Know About Camping and RV’ing by Ghislaine Bourdon




Title: Everything You Need to Know about Camping and RV’ing

Author: Ghislaine Bourdon

Publisher: XLibrisUS

Genre: Sports & Recreation/Camping

Format: Ebook

These are informative and entertaining lessons that teach the ways and etiquette of camping that will lead to a more relaxed and enjoyable vacation for everyone. Learn to organize, plan, and prepare with eagerness and excitement. 

Camping is fun for everyone especially if you know how to do it right! Let me guide you to your greatest adventures.


Ghislaine Bourdon has a bachelor’s degree in studio art. She was a swimming instructor for most of her life and taught swimming for the school system in France for many years. Ghislaine bicycled across most of Europe including the Alps alone when she was sixteen years old. She has climbed many mountains and does extensive camping trips. Trying not to be hindered by a past mental illness Ghislaine has overcome many life long difficulties. She is an extremely diversified individual with talents that abound.