Guest Post from Raymond Floodgate, author of Life 2 the Full






Life 2 the Full is a self-help book that shows the reader how to improve health and well-being by preventing Illness from happening in the first place. This book will guide you through the elements needed to help you live your life to the full. Life 2 the Full covers such subjects as health and well-being, food, exercise for the body, and exercise for the mind. Stress is also covered in this book, including ways to eliminate it. Other topics include breathing, relaxation, meditation, money, and abundance. The goal is to help the reader achieve a life that is lived to the full. If you are struggling with your life through constant recurring illness, stress, food-related problems, or lack of purpose, Life 2 the Full will teach you how to change the life you are living now into a life that you never thought possible. The book is written in plain English, is easy to understand, and will give you an insight into how easy it is to change your life should you want to.

Guest Post
There is no mystery about living life to the full. Once you know about
it, it is obvious. It has always been there but you just probably didn’t think
to look. It is not something that is taught in schools, even our teachers have
not been taught it.  It is not a part of
the curriculum at any level of education, so why should you know about it?  Our society has totally overlooked this way
of living and opted for the “get more money and grab everything you can” type
of existence. However, when you live life
to the full
, your life becomes rich and abundant in every way and this can
be obtained with little effort on your part.

Every society today, associates wealth as money and
possessions, which is a very narrow view of what wealth truly is.  Money and possessions are absolutely a part
of wealth but only a small part.
Raymond Floodgate is a certified Reiki master and teacher, a qualified practitioner of energy healing, and an energy healing teacher. He was a practitioner and instructor of Shotokan karate for twelve years but now focuses on preventing illness. To this end, he has studied Tai Chi, Qigong, and meditation.

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