Interview with Zack Zaibak, author of The Hidden Truth Behind Beautiful Smiles

Title: The Hidden Truth Behind Beautiful Smiles

Author: Zack Zaibak

Publisher: iUniverse

Pages: 152

Genre: Medical/Dentristry

Format: Ebook

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We are often judged by how we look, and the first thing people notice is a smile. In The Hidden Truth Behind Beautiful Smiles, author Dr. Zack Zaibak tells how modern cosmetic dentistry can transform ordinary smiles into stunning gorgeous ones.

Dr. Zaibak, honored by the Consumers Research Council of America for the last five years as one of America’s top dentists, discusses important issues relating to dental health and improving your teeth, your smile, and your self-esteem. Dr. Zaibak has been featured on national and local media outlets including ABC, WGN Superstation, Fox and Univision, and has served as an expert commentator for the Chicago Sun-Times. He is also a provider of cosmetic dental care to winners of beauty pageants.

People with bright, beautiful, and healthy looking smiles are seen as more attractive, competent, and happier. In fact, a dazzling, radiant smile can make all the difference in romance – as well as career success. In only two visits, you can gain a sparkling white, perfectly shaped, celebrity smile as modern innovations make your dental visit a satisfying, comfortable, and even enjoyable experience.

Dr. Zack Zaibak’s all-inclusive book unveils the hidden truth about today’s state of the art choices in cosmetic dentistry for creating smile makeovers and gorgeous Hollywood Smiles, including Lumineers porcelain veneers, Invisalign metal-free braces, teeth whitening, bonding, implants, crowns, bridges, Snap-On Smiles and gum lifts.

The health of your teeth and mouth affect the well-being of your entire body. The Hidden Truth Behind Beautiful Smiles reveals the secrets to enhancing your teeth to produce an exquisite, engaging smile that will positively transform your self-image and your life.




Would you share a little about yourself with us today?

Growing up in Chicago, I developed a passionate interest in dentistry and people’s smiles at an unusually young age. This led to my career and opening the Zaibak Center for Dentistry with my premier focus on Cosmetic Dentistry. I’ve been honored by the Consumers Research Council of America for the last five yeas as one of America’s top dentists, and featured on national and local media outlets as an expert commentator for the Chicago Sun-Times, as well as serving as a Lt. Commander in the U.S. Navy Reserve. I absolutely love being able to transform people’s lives by transforming their smiles. The look on their faces as they peer in a mirror for the first time and see their new smile is nothing less than miraculous! This is extremely rewarding to me, especially as I frequently witness how their new smile positively affects other areas of their life. I see this happening again and again, but it still continues to amaze me.

Do you have a favorite scene you want to share with us?

“For better or worse, first impressions are powerful. They can tell us if we’ll trust someone, if we want to work with them, or if we are romantically attracted to them. Like someone with attractive, inviting eyes, someone with a beautiful smile is seen as personable and likable. If a person’s teeth are dirty or crooked, we may form negative opinions of them before we even get to know them, perhaps thinking the person is not very bright, or simply doesn’t have their life “together.” On the other hand, a beautiful smile is a primal, universal symbol of health and vitality. An enthusiastic, joyous smile lights up a room like a lighthouse beacon.

Numerous studies have proven that people tend to believe attractive people are more intelligent, trustworthy, skilled, dependable, fun, and simply more enjoyable to be around. Some blessed people are born with perfectly white, perfectly straight, gleaming teeth. Yet most of us have smiles that are less than perfect to varying degrees. Fortunately, in recent years, methods to enhance one’s smile have become far more sophisticated and numerous than ever before. Today, the best dentists practicing cosmetic dentistry are almost like artists. They can provide their patient with a variety of techniques to give them a stunning smile that can literally transform their lives.

 Zack Zaibak, MS, DDS, is a licensed general dentist in the state of Illinois and one of the top practitioners of advanced cosmetic dentistry in that state. Honored by the Consumer Research Council of America as one of America’s Top Dentists, Zaibak has the latest advanced training and certification in Lumineers, Invisalign, and laser surgery.

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